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Feeding Roboter MixMeister 3000

MixMeister 3000

An intelligent helping-hand: Due to its design and construction it is able to work like an intelligent human being thanks to artificial intelligence. This reduces your task to the mere filling of the forage boxes. The MixMeister is supplied with forage and concentrate automatically according to the chosen formula. In the MixMeister the forage is cut perfectly and mixed. Both forage and concentrate are supplied automatically. The provision of small appetizing portions corresponds to the natural eating behaviour, the optional gift of some blend on the ration stimulates the cows to eat more. More intake brings more milk!


MixMeister 3000

As the 3 m³ MixMeister requires a high stability of a rail system two additional ground wheels carry the unit. The ground wheels drive the MixMeister, the rails guides the machine along the feed fence. This makes the whole construction lighter, cost-efficient and easy-to-install.


MixMeister 3000

The formula is mixed totally homogenously. The stable and powerfull mixing unit has a 400V-transmission  for enough power. The vertical design of the mixing unit with only 4 knives saves energy and reduces wear and tear. Production-orientated feeding is always provided, the rpm can be adapted to achieve highest fodder quality, regardless of humid, dry, long or short forage.



The MixMeister 3000 is designed for 6 types of forage and 6 tpyes of minerals and additives. All components are conveyed from the fresh mix boxes viceversa from the concentrate hopper to the MixMeister where they are individually mixed together according to formula and requirement.

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