• Achieving more productivity efficiently

    Heatime is the world’s leading heat identification and health monitoring system. The rumination and activity monitoring is unique. With Heatime, you can increase the productivity of your herd – operation is very simple and user-friendly.

    Rumination Monitoring   

    In addition to activity checks, the consistent monitoring of ruminal activity is also important – the health of an animal can be clearly defined by rumination minutes. Heatime delivers important information around the lock.

  • Systematic health checks

    Heatime reports sick animals up to 24 hours before the first symptoms appear and automatically creates lists with animals in heat and animals that are conspicuous from a health perspective. In the case of ruminal disorders or calving problems, it sends an early Alarm.

  • Detecting every heat

    Of course, Heatime also detects when an animal is in heat early on. The system indicates ovary disorders such as cysts or cycle irregularities and automatically Reports.