Makes the best Job in the world more profitable.



NANOConcept - The next level!

  • N = Natural feeding behaviour of the animals as a basis for feeding: NANOConcept thereby contributes to improved animal health.

    A = Automated processes: NANOConcept takes over the feeding process and minimises your workload.

    N = Individual data network: NANOConcept focuses on the economic evaluation of your feeding data and organises the data flow with selected partners.

    O = Configure your individual overall system: NANOConcept unites all factors in one comprehensive system and achieves a significant increase in performance with intelligent optimisation of feeding.


  • A new dimension of feeding

    With NANOConcept, Wasserbauer offers you a tailor-made complete solution for optimal care of your animals. With the support of our experienced specialists, configure your individual feeding network, perfectly attuned to your farm’s circumstances. The extensive automation saves you a lot of time and makes your work noticeably easier. And above all: with the revolutionary overall concept, you have your feeding costs under control and can measurably increase the performance of your animals.

  • An investment that pays off

  • For you and your animals

    - Protection of your employees
    - Flexibility in daily work
    - More time for other tasks and your family
    - Optimally adapted feeding processes
    - Food availability around the clock
    - Rumen health thanks to a stable pH value
    - Improved animal health and fertility
    - Economically noticeable increase in performance


  • Especially for dairy farms

    - Increased intake of basic feed
    - Significantly improved feed efficiency
    - High increase in milk yield
    - More activity at the milking robot


  • Especially for cattle fattening farms

    - Shortening of the fattening period
    - High daily gains
    - Calm bulls, less stress
    - Less risk of injury to the animals
    - For each bay, an individual ration is mixed and laid several times a day
    - Unique cattle fattening program “Mast-Have”