Butler Gold

Makes the best Job in the world more Family-friendly.

  • One Butler Gold for all stables

    One device can be used for multiple stables. Stables with tight spaces are not an issue. Compact and manouevrable, it is a perfect feeding aid for the whole farm. 

  • The only self-driver that doesn´t compact feed

    The Butler Gold throws the feed loosely to the trough, without pressure. Thanks to its special auger, freshness and quality are retained and your animals will be encouraged to take more feed.

  • Increases dry matter intake

    To increase dry matter intake, the Butler Gold spreads small quantities of concentrated feed, minerals or two feed types onto the basic feed. This encourages the natural feeding behaviour of the animals. By encouraging the activity of your cows, the frequency with which they vist the milking robot will also be significantly increased. Together, both of these factors increase milk yield and improve animal health.

  • Easy Installation

    The Butler Gold can be integrated in every stable with minimal effort. It orients itself using only 5 mm magnets which are placed along the route at approx. 2 m intervals. The route simply needs to be taught in once using the control.

  • Safety

    Safety is one of our top priorities. That's why the Butler Gold is provided with a newly developed safety system. This protects your family, your children, the animals and machines from danger and injuries.

  • User-friendly control

    With its control, the Butler Gold is very easy to programme and use.
    We also offer you applications which further increase the convenience and process security:

    – Access via PC, tablet and mobile phone from anywhere in the world
    – Notifications via email, which will keep you updated at all times
    – On request, remote servicing by our specialists,
       to carry out optimisations at any time


  • Innovative charging station

    It knows if and when the battery needs to be recharged without any help, extending the battery life enormously. To keep the passage clear for feeding, you can just push a button and
    the Butler Gold leaves the stable. The charging station, which you can place anywhere you want, can support the weight of heavy vehicles.

  • Butler Gold - for cattle fattening

    The Butler Gold can be equipped with two types of feed. To encourage feeding, concentrated feed can be spread on the feed or mixed into the ration using the special auger. This allows you to tailor feeding to the group.

  • What the Butler Gold offers

    – High-tech solution with a special screw conveyor
    – Easy to retrofit in any stable
    – Intelligent charging station which can be driven over
    – Operating voltage 24 V, battery operation 2 x 105 Ah,
       maintenance-free batteries
    – Brushless motor, maintenance-free
    – Weight 700 kg, Dimensions 2000 mm x 1100 mm x 850 mm

  • Advantages of the Butler Gold    

    – Intelligent and continuous feed pushing
    – More flexibility on the farm, greater time savings
    – Good feed availability around the clock
    – Higher intake of basic feed
    – Improved feed efficiency
    – Increased animal wellbeing
    – Increases the milk yield of your herd, even
      lower-rank cows consistently give more milk
    – More activity at the milking robot
    – High level of profi tability